Spring Forward Home Maintenance and Safety Tips



              8 Steps to Selling Your Home


1.    Define your needs by writing down reasons for selling your home.

2.    Name your price.

3.    Prepare your home by getting in tip-top shape.

4.    Get the word out and marketing your home.

5.    Receive an offer.

6.    Negotiate to sell by coming to a win-win agreement.

7.    Prepare to close by making a “to do” list.

8.    Close the deal by transferring ownership to the buyer.

For help with these steps, contact me.  I am happy to help.

Increasing Your Home's Appeal

You have about 60 seconds to make an impression.

Here are some simple to significant ways to maximize your home's appeal

* Keep the grass cut and remove all yard clutter.
* Weed and apply fresh mulch to flower beds.
* Tighten and clean all door handles.
* Clean windows inside and out.
* Power wash home's exterior.
* Paint the front door.
* Buy a new welcome mat.
* Place potted flowers near the front door.

*Consider renting a storage unit to move items off-site.
* Clean and organize cabinets, closets and bookshelves.
* Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
* Remove excessive wall hangings and knick-knacks.
* Make minor repairs (torn screens, cracked caulking, etc.).
* Clean or paint walls and ceilings.
* Replace worn cabinet and door knobs.
* Replace broken tiles.
* Replace worn countertops